Forklift Instructor Training In Pescadero, CA

We provide instructor training for the following:
Hand pallet truck Walkie low lift truck Rider low lift truck Towing tractor
Walkie stacker Rider stacker Reach truck Electric Counterbalanced truck
Side loader Internal Combustion Engine Powered Counterbalanced Forklift Walkie Order Picking truck Rider Order Picking truck
Articulated Very Narrow Aisle Counterbalanced trucks Guided Very Narrow Aisle truck Guided Very Narrow Aisle Order Picking truck Truck Mounted Forklift / Sod Loader
Training center is determined by the number of enrollments.
Aerial Lift Instructor Course
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Forklift Instructor Course
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Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in the class schedule portion of this web site. However, information is subject to change without notice. All classes offered are based upon meeting minimum enrollment standards. Classes may be cancelled as a result of low enrollment. When classes are cancelled due to low enrollment, every attempt will be made to help students adjust their schedules.

1 - Day Forklift Instructor Course

We will come to your facility to train your personnel in Pescadero, CA. Our trainers have been providing California Forklift instructor training and certifying for over 15 years and have field experience in training operators of all types of Forklifts. Our training will be conducted at your facility utilizing your equipment. Training your employees "on-site" gives them the opportunity to be trained and certified on familiar equipment and allows us to customize a program specific to your companies need. Our Forklift Instructor Training Course includes classroom video training with a written test, as well as a "hands-on" practical evaluation.

Forklift Instructor Course Outline

Our forklift instructor program is divided into 2 parts and provides participants a general understanding of the safe efficient way to operate industrial Forklifts. Participants will be able to identify specific health and safety hazards associated with a variety of Forklifts.

Part One:

  • Includes an in-class course with format lecture and instruction, along with competency evaluation that includes a written exam.

Part Two:

  • Consists of hands-on evaluation that measures the individuals ability to operate specific Forklifts in a safe manner

Safety is a very important factor with forklifts. Accidents and OSHA fines can be prevented with the right training and certification.