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All purpose Forklift Training provides forklift certification for operators operations and safe performance of cranes. The training gives the operators the knowledge to operate safely and reduce accidents which cause downtime. Forklift accidents cause injuries to operators, workers on the job site and even people nearby. The majority of accidents are caused by human error which may result in safety risks. Accidents can be minimized or prevented through proper training. APCT provides specialized training for sit down, stand up and telescopic forklifts, battery or propane can be added on in training. Training is offered at your location anywhere in the United States and can be done online from your desktop or laptop computer. Safety is our first priority. Call and schedule a class today.

In this course we'll discuss the importance of safe operation and responsibilities of a professional lift truck operator, and the skills and techniques you can use to ensure safe operations and incident prevention.

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All Purpose Forklift Training instructors combined brings over 100 years of training and field experience. We strive to deliver the highest standard of quality forklift certification training.

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